Sheep yogurt

Traditional sheep’s yogurt


Sheep’s milk yogurt contains all the components of sheep’s milk and relatively few calories. Because it is concentrated it contains more protein and calcium. Its value is invaluable because:

  1. It is easily digested.
  2. It helps with constipation and indigestion problems.
  3. It kills various harmful intestinal micro-organisms, while helping to regenerate the flora of the large intestine, in cases of antibiotic treatment.
  4. Prevents fungal infections.
  5. It protects against osteoporosis, because it is a rich source of calcium.
  6. It is an ideal food for children who have problems with lactose.
  7. It lowers blood pressure as it contains proteins, calcium and potassium.
  8. The rich nutrients it contains, especially calcium and its relatively few calories, help fight obesity and maintain a normal body weight.